Tea/Coffee and Cake menu

Coffee/tea and cakes hospitality service is generally available for bookings up to 50 people.

Prices correct as of 1/9/2016.  

Traditional Beverage Tray (tea/coffee per person)


Traditional Beverage Tray with Biscuits (tea/coffee per person)


Morning Tray (Tea/Coffee, Orange Juice and Croissants/Pastries per person)


Afternoon Tea Tray (Tea/Coffee, Fruit Cake/Scones per person)


Water - Still (Per litre - serves 4-5 people)


Water - Sparkling (Per litre - serves 4-5 people)


Apple Juice (Per litre - serves 4-5 people)


Orange Juice (Per litre - serves 4-5 people)


Soft Drinks - Per Can


Healthy Conscience Breakfast (fruit platter, shot of granola and yoghurt, tea/coffee, orange juice per person)


Traditional Working Breakfast (bacon/sausage/egg bap, fruit granola, tea/coffee, ornage juice per person)


Mini Chocolate Brownie (per portion/person)


Mini Carrot Cake (per portion/person)


Mini Lemon Loaf (per portion/person)


Mini Triple Chocolate Loaf (per portion/person)


Seasonal Cut Fresh Fruit (per portion/person)


Tray Bake Cake Selection (minimum 6 people, price per person)


Mini Berry Crumble Loaf (per portion/person)


Mini Jam Doughnuts (3 per portion/person)