One-Day Meeting in Combinatorics 2008

A One-Day Meeting in Combinatorics will be held in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford on Friday 14 March 2008. The provisional schedule is as follows (abstracts will be available shortly):

10.30 amCoffee
11.00 amMichael Krivelevich (Tel Aviv)
Avoider-Enforcer: the rules of the game
11.55 am Andrew Thomason (Cambridge)
Extremal graph theory with colours
12.50 pm Lunch
2.15 pm Monique Laurent (CWI Amsterdam)
Real solving polynomial equations with semidefinite programming
3.10 pm Colin McDiarmid (Oxford)
Random graphs from a minor-closed class
4.05 pm Tea
4.30 pm Stefanie Gerke (Royal Holloway)
Sequences with changing dependencies

Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Some funds may be available to contribute to the expenses of research students who wish to attend the meeting. Further details can be obtained from Alex Scott (contact form).

Support for this event by the London Mathematical Society and the British Combinatorial Committee is gratefully acknowledged.