Event Proposals

Event Proposals 


In both the Oxford and Edinburgh proposals to EPSRC funds were allocated to workshops, conferences, instructional courses, visitor programmes (Oxford only) and other events in the area of PDE. The Centres were keen to encourage active collaboration throughout the UK Nonlinear PDE community and put out an open call on 29 May 2007 for members to propose programmes of activity to be supported through the Centre S&I awards.

The Centre is keen to receive further proposals from the UK PDE community for events to be co-organised with the Centre.

The Process

  1. Submit a proposal
  2. The proposal will be discussed by the Centre's management committee
  3. Feedback will be sent to the proposer, outlining the decision. If the Centre is happy to co-organise the proposed event and provide funding this will be contingent under certain criteria. Some of the criteria will be specific to the event. Other criteria will be standard for all events.

We aim to make this process as informal as possible allowing the Centre to recieve a variety of proposals and to work on in collaboration with the proposer to provide quality events that give maximum coverage and benefit to the whole UK PDE community. Targetted calls for proposals in certain subject or geographical areas may be made in response to identified needs.

Standard Conditions

  • an appropriate member of the Centre will be nominated to sit on the event's organising committee
  • the event will be openly advertised and be open registration (this may be waived under specific circumstances)
  • the Centre's logo must be used on event publicity materials in acknowledgement of support
  • funding for an event will not be more than 80% of the total receiptable event cost
  • after the event a full breakdown of the event costs must be provided
  • after the event a brief report on the event must be provided
  • if appropriate the Centre may request participant feedback questionnaires to be distributed, collected and returned to the Centre

Other considerations

  • event specific restrictions may be placed on the use of allocated funding
  • events should usually have an element of instructional or workshop content
  • the aims and objectives of the event should have some affinity with the Centre. The topic must be in the Centre's remit and of importance to the PDE community.
  • the speakers and organising committee should be of an appropriate standing in the subject area
  • the structure of the event should be fitting with the aims and objectives of the event