Free Boundaries and Moving Interfaces Workshop

L5, Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building, Oxford
20 to 22 February 2014

Following the success of the Free Surface and Interface Problems Workshop held in 2012, the main objective of the workshop is to bring together mathematicians working on free boundary and moving interface problems, and discuss the many recent advances in this field. There will be lectures, as well as short presentations by junior researchers. This is a satellite workshop of the Free Boundary Problems and Related Topics Programme -  Isaac Newton Institute, 6 January to 14 July 2014.


Peter Constantin - Princeton University, USA

Diego Cordoba - ICMAT, Spain

Daniel Coutand - Heriot-Watt University, UK

Francisco Gancedo - University of Seville, Spain

Mahir Hadzic - King's College London, UK

Alexandru Ionescu - Princeton University, USA

Nader Masmoudi - New York University, USA

Nikolai Nadirashvili - CNRS, France

José Rodrigo - University of Warwick, UK

Henrik Shahgholian - KTH Stockholm, Sweden

Nina Uraltseva - St Petersburg State University, Russia

Juan Luis Vázquez - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain

The organiser of the workshop is Steve Shkoller.

Please register your attendance by Tuesday 11 February 2014

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