Modern Topics in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: Oxbridge PDE Days

Thursday 14 & Friday 15 March 2013, held at the Mathematical Institute, Lecture Room 1, Oxford

The OxPDE Centre is pleased to host the third Oxbridge PDE Days which focuses on analysis and PDEs.


Tuomo Valkonen, University of Cambridge

A Discontinuous Transport Equation for Imaging Applications

John Toland, Issac Newton Institute, Cambridge

Problems with a Variational Theory of Water Waves

David Stuart, University of Cambridge

Clément Mouhot, University of Cambridge

The H-theorem For the Boltzmann Equation: Hypocoercivity, Quantitative Spectral Methods

Daniel Phillips, Purdue University, USA

Analysis of Nematic Liquid Crystal Films with Defects

Felix Schulze, University College London

Yves Capdeboscq, University of Oxford

On Uniqueness for time Harmonic Anisotropic Maxwell's Equations with Piecewise Regular Coefficients

Qian Wang, University of Oxford

Virginia Agostiniani, University of Oxford

Timothy BlassVisiting Postdoc, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Dynamics for Screw Dislocations with Antiplane Shear


Gui-Qiang Chen, University of Oxford

Clément Mouhot, University of Cambridge

Neshan Wickramasekera, University of Cambridge