OxPDE Technical Reports - 2020

OxPDE 20.01 - PDF icon Prandtl-Meyer Reflection Configurations, Transonic Shocks, and Free Boundary Problems - Myoungjean Bae, Gui-Qiang G. Chen, Mikhail Feldman

OxPDE 20.02 - PDF icon Convexity of Self-Similar Transonic Shocks and Free Boundaries for the Euler Equations for Potential Flow - Gui-Qiang G. Chen, Mikhail Feldman, Wei Xiang

OxPDE 20.03 - PDF icon Stability of Multidimensional Thermoelastic Contact Discontinuities - Gui-Qiang G. Chen, Paolo Secchi, Tao Wang

OxPDE 20.04 - PDF icon Finite Element Approximation of Elliptic Homogenization Problems in Nondivergence-Form - Yves Capdeboscq, Timo Sprekeler, Endre Suli

OxPDE 20.05 - PDF icon Remarks on large-scale effects of smoothing mechanisms in 3D reaction-diffusion equations - Dirk Erhard, Weijun Xu

OxPDE 20.06 - PDF icon Weak universality of dynamical $\Phi^4_3$: polynomial potential and general smoothing mechanism - Dirk Erhard, Weijun Xu

OxPDE 20.07 - PDF icon Optimal transport in Lorentzian synthetic spaces, synthetic timelike Ricci curvature lower bounds and applications - Fabio Cavalletti, Andrea Mondino

OxPDE 20.08 - PDF icon An optimal transport formulation of the Einstein equations of general relativity - A. Mondino, S. Suhr

OxPDE 20.09 - PDF icon Sharp Cheeger-Buser type inequalities in RCD(K, $\infty$) spaces - Nicolò de Ponti, Andrea Mondino

OxPDE 20.10 - PDF icon High-order well-balanced finite volume schemes for hydrodynamic equations with nonlocal free energy - José A. Carrillo, Manuel J. Castro, Serafilm Kalliadasis, Sergio P. Perez

OxPDE 20.11 - PDF icon Vortex formation for a non-local interaction model with Newtonian repulsion and superlinear mobility - José A. Carrillo, D. Gómez-Castro, J.L. Vázquez

OxPDE 20.12 - PDF icon Variational Asymptotic Preserving Scheme for Vlasov-Poisson-Fokker-Planck System - José A. Carrillo, Li Wang, Wuzhe Xu, Ming Yan

OxPDE 20.13 - PDF icon Quantifying the hydrodynamic limit of Vlasov-type equations with alignment and nonlocal forces - José A. Carrillo, Young-Pil. Choi, Jinwook Jung

OxPDE 20.14 - PDF icon The Landau equation as a Gradient Flow - José A. Carrillo, Matias G. Delgadino, Laurent Desvillettes, Jeremy Wu

OxPDE 20.15 - PDF icon Nonlinear open mapping principles, with applications to the Jacobian equation & other scale-invariant PDEs - Andre Guerra, Lukas Koch and Sauli Lindberg

OxPDE 20.16 - PDF icon Dirichlet problem for the Jacobian equation in critical and supercritical Sobolev spaces.pdf - Andre Guerra, Lukas Koch and Sauli Lindberg

OxPDE 20.17 - PDF icon Divergence- Measure Fields, Gauss-Green Formulas & Normal Traces.pdf - Gui-Qiang Chen & Monica Torres

OxPDE 20.18 -PDF icon Oscillation and Concentration under Constant Rank Constraints.pdf - Andre Guerra, Jan Kristensen & Bogdan Rait

OxPDE 20.19 -PDF icon A Finite Volume Method for Continuum Limit Equations of Nonlocally Interacting Active Chiral Particles by Nikita Kruka, Jose Carrillob & Heinz Koeppla.pdf

OxPDE 20.20 -PDF icon An Invariance Principle for Gradient Flows in the Space of Probability Measures by Jose Carrillo, Rishabh Gvalani, & Jeremy Wu.pdf

OxPDE 20.21 -PDF icon An Optimal Mass Transport Method for Random Genetic Drift by Jose Carrillo, Lin Cheny & Qi Wang.pdf

OxPDE 20.22 - PDF icon Computing Equilibrium Measures with Power Law Kernels by Timon s. Gutleb, Jose Carrillo & Sheehan Olver.pdf

OxPDE 20.23 -PDF icon Mean-field Limits from Particle Descriptions to Macroscopic Equations Jose Carrillo & Young-Pil Choi.pdf

OxPDE 20.24 -PDF icon Sharp Conditions on Global Existence and Blow-up in a Degenerate Two-species and Cross-attraction System by Jose Carrillo & Ke Lin.pdf