Past Members and Former Students

Past Members & Former Non-CDT D. Phil. students (including those jointly recognised with other institutions)

Past members of the Centre (which includes the Applied Analysis and Mechanics) group are:

Former D. Phil. students from the EPSRC OxPDE Centre for Doctoral Training 

Cohort 1 (2014-2018)

  • Luca Alasio, Gran Sasso Scientific Institute, Italy 
  • Miles Caddick, Highgate School, London
  • Francesco Della Porta, Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
  • Syafiq Johar, National University of Malaysia
  • Ellya Kawecki, University College London 
  • Aleksander Klimek, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig
  • Seungchan Ko,  Samsung Electronics 
  • Nikolaos Kolliopoulos, Carnegie Mellon University, US 
  • Bogdan Raita, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
  • Matthew Rigby, Director of Finance, Oodle Car Finance,  UK
  • Kevin Schlegel, The Alan Turing Institute
  • Matthew Schrecker, University College London 
  • Tabea Tscherpel, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany
  • Guangyu Xi, University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Cohort 2 (2015-2019)

  • Andrew Allan, ETH University of Zurich
  • Jonathan Chetwynd-Diggle, Smith Institute, UK
  • Jasdeep Kalsi, Marshall Wace Investment Management
  • Dominik Kobos,
  • Shaun Ong, Sunway Group Malaysia
  • (Edmund) Adam Paxton, University of Oxford 
  • Adam Prosinski, Carnegie Mellon University, US
  • Simon Schulz, University of Cambridge, UK                    
  • Andreas Sojmark, Imperial College, London 
  • Grigalius Taujanskas, Hertford College, University of Oxford & Smith Institute, UK 
  • Yixuan Wang, University of Pittsberg, US
  • Tim Westwood, Zedsen Ltd. 

Cohort 3 (2016-2020)

  • Hamza Alawiye, University of Bristol
  • Nikolaos Athanasiou, Imperial College, UK 
  • Cristiana De Filippis, University of Turin, Italy
  • Pablo Alexei Gazca Orozco, FAU, Erlangen, Germany
  • Tristan Giron,
  • Joseph Hogg,
  • Francis Hounkpe,
  • Avi Mayorcas
  • Imanol Perez Arribas, Jump Trading 
  • Craig Roberston,
  • Toni Scharle, ROSEN Group in Lingen (Ems)
  • Ghozlane Yahiaoui, Ernst & Young Global Consulting

Current D. Phil. students of the EPSRC OxPDE Centre for Doctoral Training 

Cohort 4 (2017-2021)

  • Asad Chaudhary
  • Jonah Duncan
  • André Guerra
  • Yucong Huang
  • Patrick Kidger
  • Lukas Koch
  • James Kohout
  • Ioannis Papadopoulos
  • Yikun Qiao
  • Timo Sprekeler
  • Jingmin Xia
  • Panas Kalayanamit 

Cohort 5 (2018-2022)

  • Francis Aznaran
  • Tianrui Bayles-Rea
  • Eliana Fausti
  • Christopher Irving
  • Fabian Laakmann
  • Zhuolin Li
  • Victoria Patel
  • Hector Papoulias
  • Catalina Pesce Reyes
  • Tommaso Seneci
  • Aili Shao
  • Alexander Van-Brunt

Current D. Phil. students of the OxPDE 

Yeung Chin Ching
Alex Cliffe
Chuhui He (Miss)
Ciaran Crawford
Dimitri Navarro 

Andrea Clini
Jeremy Wu