Information for Supervisors of Undergraduate and OMMS Projects

Information for Supervisors of Undergraduate and OMMS Projects

The most obvious sources of information for supervisors of undergraduate projects are the Part B extended essay and the Part C/OMMS dissertation webpages, and in particular, the guidance notes for extended essays and dissertations. The latter contain the formal regulations, amongst a wealth of other information. Attention should also be drawn to the document "Teaching the Undergraduate Mathematics Course" which again contains much useful information.  In addition supervisors might look at the reports of the AMS "Promoting Undergraduate Research in Mathematics" program.  These give lots of interesting ideas on project work.  (The pdf files are quite large and take a while to download!)

However there are some points of particular relevance to supervisors.


15th September Deadline for Part B students to make initial contact with your proposed supervisor.
Michaelmas Term  
12noon Friday, week 0

Deadline for applying for approval of an extended essay topic.

Potential dissertation topics released to Part C/OMMS students.

Week 2 Students applying for approval of an essay notified of outcome of application.
Week 3, Friday 12:00 Deadline for Part C/OMMS students to submit dissertation choices
Week 5, Monday Part C /OMMS students notified of project allocation
Hilary Term  
Weeks 7-8 Suggested time for oral presentations to take place (Part B and Part C/OMMS) .
Monday, week 10, 12noon Deadline for submission of Part B essays.
Trinity Term  
Week 0 Request sent out for dissertation topics for the next academic year.
Week 1, Monday 12:00 Deadline for submission of Part C/OMMS disssertations


Relationship with the College and Department:- 

Project supervision of undergraduate students is undertaken as a tutorial responsibility, rather than as a departmental task. Thus all formal arrangements are made between the supervisor and the student's college. This will include rates of pay, and reporting arrangements. The normal expectation is that for a Part B extended essay there will be 6 hours of supervision over Michaelmas and Hilary terms and for a Part C dissertation there will be 4 hours of group supervision, with reports and claims for payment being made via OxCort. It is important that supervisors report promptly to the college concerned any cases of non-attendance or sub-standard work, just as they would for normal tutorials. In particular it is important to confirm with the college if a student withdraws from the project option.

If you are supervising an OMMS student and this is not part of your departmental responsibility, the department will organise the payment for 4 hour block of supervision in line with the Final Register of Payments.  


The Supervisor Log:- 

Supervisors will be asked to complete a log (PDF icon PDF,File Word), showing the meetings they have had, and indicating the amount and type of assistance the student has received. Supervisors will need to submit a completed dissertation log to Academic Admin either after the oral presentations in Weeks 7 and 8 of HT or the final supervision meeting, whichever later. 


Oral Presentations:-

As mentioned above, all Part C/OMMS students offering a dissertation will give an oral presentation on their work. For each presentation, the supervisor and second individual will need to complete File feedback form which will be returned to Academic Admin before being passed onto the students.

PDF icon Oral Presentation Guidelines for Students



Project Assessment:- 

Supervisors play a part in the examination assessment for the project, acting as one of the assessors for the project. The project will also be independently examined by another assessor.  If there is disagreement between the supervisor's mark and the assessor's mark, a PDF icon reconciliation process is followed.


    The chairman of the Projects Committee (currently Richard Earl) is happy to be approached with any queries not dealt with above.